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Sizan Skincare


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Gently buff away dead skin cells and leave your skin supremely soft and refined. The sugar crystals add a touch of luxury to your exfoliating routine and the citrus scent brightens your senses.


Sugar Crystals: A natural humectant and exfoliator to refresh skin's appearance.

Coconut Oil: Kisses skin with light, luscious moisture

Beeswax: fights bacteria and promotes hydration 

Emulsifying wax: Extracted from plants and fatty acids and acts as a binding agent

Stearic acid: Extracted from vegetable fats and protects skin's surface against water loss and helps with skin's protective barrier

Avocado Oil: Hydrates skin and has anti-aging properties

Rice Bran Oil: Nourishes and increases cellular regeneration

Preservative (Optiphen): We use this preservative for our scrubs because it is Natural and Bacteria grows anywhere water is. This preservative is Safe, Natural and free of Parabens and Formaldehyde

Natural mica powder for color and essential oils for scent






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